I love feeding and watching the birds from my house here at Lake O’ the Pines. I have been feeding them for 10 years. Hummingbirds are special. I normally put my feeder out in mid-March and watch to see when they will arrive. Hummingbirds in East Texas are migratory and do not stay here during the winter. When October comes and I stop seeing Hummingbirds, I take my feeder down and wait until March. But this year was different.

OK, I am a procrastinator. Well, that is a harsh word. In reality, I have more projects to do than I have life left. The way we (my neighbors use the same method) tackle projects around here is simple; I throw a rock with my eyes closed. Wherever it lands, there is a project to be done. God forbid that rock break apart when I throw it, I would be overwhelmed. Anyway, I did not take down the Hummingbird Feeder.

Sometime in Late November I was outside throwing rocks when I heard the familiar sound of a Hummingbird’s wings. In my mind I said, nah, couldn’t be, I am hallucinating. Then I saw her out of the corner of my eye. There she was, a female, obviously lost, Hummingbird at my feeder. Now hummingbird nectar starts to ferment when it gets old, and this nectar was close to 80 proof by now. I figured she stayed late getting drunk and didn’t sober up until it was too late to migrate. I immediately made some fresh nectar (50% water, 50% cane sugar heated until the sugar dissolves) and filled up the feeder.

The weather had already dipped well into the mid 20’s. I was surprised she had survived. The bad news was a cold snap was coming and it would be as low as 12 degrees. No hummingbird can survive that. I hoped for the best. I had not seen her for several days after the low of 12 degrees. I figured she froze, but I kept the feeder up and full. About a week later I was outside picking up rocks, (where are all those rocks coming from?) and she showed up. She looked healthy and active like it was July. I said to myself, how in the world is she not Frozen. BTW, Frozen is my beautiful Granddaughters favorite movie. It plays non-stop at her house, on multiple screens, all day, every day, and in the car……… It was then I decided to name her Elsa! An appropriate name for my little Winter Hummingbird.

A couple of weeks went by and I had not seen her so I decided to put up my GoPro camera and see if she was around. She is alive and well, and sober, not that she is happy about that. You can see the video of her on my YouTube Channel! Elsa, I am cheering for you. No matter what, thanks to you, my hummingbird feeder will be full all year from now on.


She is hard to see, But she it there!