This is Oscar. He is not my cat. Oscar is a Tabby. If you don’t know about Tabbies, the are very presonable, loving, and outright Assholes. wereallaboutcats.com has this to say about Tabbies

“These unique creatures are incredibly affectionate and intelligent. They love cuddles and a whole lot of attention. However, tabbies can get pretty cranky if they don’t get their way; since as a rule they are very bright, they usually end up getting what they want.”

Oscar actually belongs to the neighbors, who use to live next door. They decided to move up the street. They took Oscar up to the new house , but he said, the way Cats say things, F#¢^ Y@%.  They actually took him up there 5 or 6 times, but he persistently said NO! Now his real owners are good people. They have plenty of pets who love them, but Oscar likes the wild life. He likes to be near nature and, at the end of the street where I live, there is plenty of wildlife.

Oscar took a liking to me when he found out I am an avid fisherman and that I will clean fish on occasion. He also discovered that I will give tidbits of said fish to him. He particularly likes Crappie eggs in the spring. He gets all he wants from me. He began to like fish so much, he will actually walk down to the boat when I return from fishing to see have caught us any fish.

One day the neighbors went on a trip and I said I would take care of Oscar, so I fed him. After a few days Oscar decided he needed to see my house, so he snuck in when the door was open. Well, Oscar liked the accommodations and decided this was his kinda place. Ever since then, I have been his human, and that is when the Love/Hate relationship started.

What I LOVE about Oscar

He loves on me every day. He faithfully lays on the couch with me at night . He will bring me presents. In the cat world, dead birds and mice are presents, and he brings them to me when he can. He loves my dog Prince. He greets him and rubs up on him often. Oscar does not tolerate many dogs, but he loves Prince. He hangs out in the garage and runs off mice and rats. Who doesn’t appreciate that. It is obvious that he loves me, but……..

What I HATE about Oscar

That MF’r! He is addicted to cat crack. Seriously addicted. I am talking about Betty Ford Clinic addicted. He absolutely cannot live without Temptations Seafood Medley cat treats. He gets some every night around 8:30, but he beg for them ALL DAY LONG. He jumps up on the dryer and taps the container. If I pick up peanuts, which sound very similar to the cat crack, he runs from where ever he is thinking I am going to appease his addiction. When he knows he is getting his dope, his voice changes, like some over possesed demon. I am sure he would sell his soul for just one more hit of Cat Crack.

I bought a state of the art cat scratching station complete with cat nip (which is not his drug of choice). I show it to him and I am pretty sure he flipped me off. He likes the couch much better. Of course he does.

Lewis and Clark were no better explorers than Oscar. He can open cabinets, doors, anyhing if he thinks he needs to get in and look around. Sometimes I wake up and the cabinets above the counter are open. How does he do that?

Knocking his bowl off, meowing at 3 am, are among the things that drive me crazy but….

He is my buddy, and he loves me. He pays more attention to me than both my Ex’s combined, and he cost less ( not sure yet what a new couch will cost but still). In reality I have not choice because,

He is not my cat, I am his human, and I belong to him.