Glen Farris

My World from Lake O' the Pines

This is it!

It is the 3rd quarter in life (my buddy says it is the 4th quarter, but I am optimistic) and I plan to live it to the fullest. It is my plan to share what I can on this Blog.  I am a great procrastinator and have a short attention span, so forgive me if I don’t post, or I jump around like a Kangaroo on hot asphalt. Hey, You get what you get!

What will I blog about?

Travel, Food, Family, Fishing, Friends, Love, Politics (maybe),
Shit that makes me happy,
Shit that pisses me off,
Whatever else comes into my head!

If you want to come along for the ride, please do!

ps, this is a work in progress.


Dewberries are not Free!

Rubus flagellaris  Mama called them Dewberries, and so do I. I can remember, when I was a child, we would go out and look for Dewberries because they were delicious................ Dewberries are everywhere for the taking, but there is a price. Mother Nature is...

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Winter Hummingbird at Lake O’ the Pines

Winter Hummingbird at Lake O’ the Pines

I love feeding and watching the birds from my house here at Lake O' the Pines. I have been feeding them for 10 years. Hummingbirds are special. I normally put my feeder out in mid-March and watch to see when they will arrive. Hummingbirds in East Texas are migratory...

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